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New eBooks in the Library - September 2017

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Advances in Plant Dormancy - James V. Anderson (Editor)
Call Number: QK761 .A38 2015eb
ISBN: 9783319144504
Publication Date: 2015-05-13
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Plant dormancy involves synchronization of environmental cues with developmental processes to ensure plant survival; however, negative impacts of plant dormancy include pre-harvest sprouting, non-uniform germination of crop and weed seeds, and fruit loss due to inappropriate bud break. Thus, our continued quest to disseminate information is important in moving our understanding of plant dormancy forward and to develop new ideas for improving food, feed, and fiber production and efficient weed control, particularly under global climate change. Proceeding from the 5th International Plant Dormancy Symposium, along with other invited chapters, provide an overview on our current understanding of how environmental factors impact cellular, molecular, and physiological processes involved in bud and seed dormancy. These articles include perspectives and/or reviews on recent achievements in the field of plant dormancy, which should stimulate new ideas and lines of investigation and highlight directions for future research.

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Brilliant Green - Stefano Mancuso; Alessandra Viola; Michael Pollan (Foreword by); Joan Benham (Translator)
Call Number: QK45.2 .M363 2015eb
ISBN: 9781610916035
Publication Date: 2015-03-12
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A leading plant scientist offers a new understanding of the botanical world and a passionate argument for intelligent plant life.

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Color Concrete Garden Projects - Nathan Smith; Michael Snyder; Charles Coleman (Photographer)
Call Number: SB473.5 .S658 2015eb
ISBN: 9781604697322
Publication Date: 2015-10-20
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Discover the colorful ways you can craft with concrete!

Concrete is the perfect medium for outdoor crafts. It is versatile and durable, and it looks even better with time. Add the unexpected element of color, and you have the perfect recipe for vibrant, modern outdoor decor. This hands-on guide will take your outdoor space from gray to great. Concrete artisans Nathan Smith and Michael Snyder show you how to mix concrete, use forms and molds, and add color using stains, slurries, and other innovative techniques. Twenty creative step-by-step projects for furniture, planters, and art include an elegant tabletop planter, a modern birdhouse, and a charming chair for kids.

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Ex Situ Plant Conservation - Edward O. Guerrant (Editor); Kayri Havens (Editor); Mike Maunder (Editor); Peter H. Raven (Foreword by); Center for Plant Conservation Staff; Edward O. Guerrant (Editor)
Call Number: QK981.7 .E9 2004eb
ISBN: 1559638753
Publication Date: 2004-01-01
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"This volume adds much needed detail and guidance to the field of plant conservation and restoration."

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Gardening Basics For Dummies, Mini Edition (1) - Steven A. Frowine; National Gardening Association Staff
Call Number: SB453.F769 2011eb
ISBN: 9781118042656
Publication Date: 2009-05
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Packed with fun and useful tips to help you plan your garden!

Create the garden of your dreams with the right plants and equipment

Want a green thumb? This handy guide gives beginning gardeners tips, plans, and insider know-how for getting started with flower beds, borders, vegetables, trees, shrubs, lawns, and more. Packed with step-by-step advice, illustrations, resources, and suggested plantings, this friendly guide covers all the tools that make gardening today easier than ever before!

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Grafting and Budding - Donald McEwan Alexander; W. J. Lewis; William J. Lewis
Call Number: SB359.45 .A44 2008eb
ISBN: 0643093974
Publication Date: 2009-01-16
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Grafting and Budding: A Practical Guide for Fruit and Nut Plants and Ornamentals is an updated and expanded version of Grafting and Budding Fruit and Nut Trees and now includes the grafting of ornamental plants. It is a comprehensive and clearly written, practical guide to all of the grafting and budding techniques any professional or home gardener is likely to need.

The book begins with a brief history of the subject, explains how grafting works and shows why it is now the preferred technique for propagating most commercial plants. It then describes the basics of budding, grafting and multi-grafting and presents step-by-step instructions for making the special cuts used in grafting and budding.

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Grow Your Own Vegetables in Pots - Deborah Schneebeli-Morrell
Call Number: SB453 .S36 2009eb
ISBN: 9781907563126
Publication Date: 2011-02-10
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Get the best out of any type of garden without spending a fortune, whether it's a small window box or a hard patio, with Deborah Schneebeli-Morrell's brilliant guide to growing crops in pots. Using containers or pots as a base for your gardening is so versatile - try making an eye-catching design feature by growing nasturtiums in a galvanized mop bucket, or grow parsley and basil on your window ledge in a kitchen colander.

Cover Art
New Trees - John Grimshaw; Ross Bayton; Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Staff (Contribution by); International Dendrology Society Staff (Contribution by); Hazel Wilks (Illustrator)
Call Number: SB435 .G756 2009eb
ISBN: 9781842461730
Publication Date: 2010-04-15
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This comprehensive volume, commissioned by the International Dendrology Society, covers more than eight hundred tree species that have been introduced to cultivation in the United Kingdom, Europe, and North America in recent decades. Up until now there has been no comparable source of information. Featuring horticultural notes from a network of growers and enthusiasts, backed up by data from recent scientific studies, the book presents a remarkable amount of information in a fashion accessible to amateurs as well as specialists. More than one hundred line drawings and nearly six hundred photographs—many portraying rarely seen trees—offer aids to identification. Introductory chapters covering conservation and modern techniques of tree-growing, and a comprehensive glossary and bibliography, round out the volume and make New Trees incomparable—and indispensable.

Cover Art
Phytoplasmas - Phyllis G. Weintraub (Editor); Philip Jones (Editor)
Call Number: SB738 .P59 2010eb
ISBN: 9781845935306
Publication Date: 2010-03-03
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Phytoplasmas are the plant pathogenic bacteria that cause plant health problems around the world. Our knowledge about these important plant pathogens has advanced rapidly over the last decade as their impact on major agricultural and horticultural crops and ornamental plants has risen.

This comprehensive volume by leaders in the field or phytoplasmology brings together current research on phytoplasmas, their plant hosts and insect vectors. The various approaches to differentiation, classifications and taxonomy are examined in detail, including genome sequencing and functional genomics. Discussions of the relationship between phytoplasmas and plants include the development of disease, biochemical changes in their plant hosts, plant resistance and epidemiology of disease. Finally, transmission by insect vectors, their control and the distribution and potential spread of phytoplasma diseases and vectors are considered. This book will be a valuable reference for researchers and upper-level students in crop protection, plant pathology and applied entomology.

Cover Art
Picturing the Book of Nature - Sachiko Kusukawa
Call Number: QH46.5 .K87 2011eb
ISBN: 9780226465289
Publication Date: 2012-05-01
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Because of their spectacular, naturalistic pictures of plants and the human body, Leonhart Fuchs’s De historia stirpium and Andreas Vesalius’s De humani corporis fabrica are landmark publications in the history of the printed book. But as Picturing the Book of Nature makes clear, they do more than bear witness to the development of book publishing during the Renaissance and to the prominence attained by the fields of medical botany and anatomy in European medicine. Sachiko Kusukawa examines these texts, as well as Conrad Gessner’s unpublished Historia plantarum, and demonstrates how their illustrations were integral to the emergence of a new type of argument during this period—a visual argument for the scientific study of nature.

Cover Art
Planted Forests - Julian Evans (Editor); James B. Carle (Contribution by); J. B. Ball (Contribution by); Alberto Del Lungo (Contribution by); D. A. Neilson (Contribution by); L. Holmgren (Contribution by)
Call Number: SD409 .P685 2009eb
ISBN: 9781845935641
Publication Date: 2010-03-02
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Planted forests, although only 7% of the world's forest resources, have superseded naturally regenerating forests as the principal source of industrial wood products. Lessening the pressure for wood production, tree planting has released natural forests to be managed for other purposes - carbon sinks, soil and water protection, conservation of biological diversity, recreation and amenity. Representing a complement, but not an alternative, to natural forests, planted forests have become increasingly important for reducing worldwide deforestation, loss of forest ecosystems and forest degradation.

Examining the significance of this rapidly emerging world resource, chapters consider the strengths and weaknesses of planted forests, management objectives for their use and aspects of ownership and policy. Data from key production countries are used to evaluate the implications and sustainability of planted forests as a source of forest products as well as social and ecological issues.

Cover Art
Principles of Ecological Landscape Design - Travis Beck; Carol Franklin (Foreword by)
Call Number: QH541.15 .L35 B43 2013eb
ISBN: 9781610911993
Publication Date: 2013-02-01
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Today, there is a growing demand for designed landscapes—from public parks to backyards—to be not only beautiful and functional, but also sustainable. With Principles of Ecological Landscape Design, Travis Beck gives professionals and students the first book to translate the science of ecology into design practice.

This groundbreaking work explains key ecological concepts and their application to the design and management of sustainable landscapes. It covers topics from biogeography and plant selection to global change. Beck draws on real world cases where professionals have put ecological principles to use in the built landscape.

For constructed landscapes to perform as we need them to, we must get their underlying ecology right. Principles of Ecological Landscape Design provides the tools to do just that.

Cover Art
Public Spaces, Private Gardens - Lake Douglas
Call Number: SB470.54.L8 D68 2011eb
ISBN: 9780807138373
Publication Date: 2011-05-17
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Landscape architect Lake Douglas employs written accounts, archival data, historic photographs, lithographs, maps, and city planning documents -- many of which have never before been published -- to explore public and private outdoor spaces in New Orleans and those who shaped them. The result offers the first in-depth examination of the city's landscape history.

Douglas presents this "beautiful and imposing" city as a work of art crafted by numerous influences. His survey from the colonial period to the twentieth century finds that geography, climate, and, above all, the multicultural character of its residents have made New Orleans unique in American landscape design history.

Cover Art
The Names of Plants - David Gledhill
Call Number: QK96 .G54 2008eb
ISBN: 9780521866453
Publication Date: 2008-03-06
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The Names of Plants is an invaluable reference for botanists and horticulturalists. The first section gives an historical account of the significant changes in the ways that plants have been known and named. It documents the problems associated with an ever-increasing number of common names of plants, and the resolution of these problems through the introduction of International Codes for both botanical and horticultural nomenclature. It also outlines the rules to be followed when plant breeders name a new species or cultivar.

Cover Art
The Urban Tree - Duncan Goodwin
Call Number: SB436 .G663 2017eb
ISBN: 9780415702461
Publication Date: 2017-05-30
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There is a growing evidence base that documents the social, environmental and economic benefits that urban trees can deliver. Trees are, however, under threat today as never before due to competition for space imposed by development, other hard infrastructures, increased pressure on the availability of financial provision from local authorities and a highly cautious approach to risk management in a modern litigious society.

It is, therefore, incumbent upon all of us in construction and urban design disciplines to pursue a set of goals that not only preserve existing trees where we can, but also ensure that new plantings are appropriately specified and detailed to enable their successful establishment and growth to productive maturity.

Aimed at developers, urban planners, urban designers, landscape architects and arboriculturists, this book takes a candid look at the benefits that trees provide alongside the threats that are eliminating them from our towns and cities. It takes a simple, applied approach that explores a combination of science and practical experience to help ensure a pragmatic and reasoned approach to decision-making in terms of tree selection, specification, placement and establishment. In this way, trees can successfully be incorporated within our urban landscapes, so that we can continue to reap the benefits they provide.

Cover Art
Trees of Eastern North America - Gil Nelson; Christopher J. Earle; Richard Spellenberg; Amy K. Hughes (Editor); David More (Illustrator)
Call Number: QK110 .N457 2014eb
ISBN: 9780691145914
Publication Date: 2014-07-27
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Covering 825 species, more than any comparable field guide, Trees of Eastern North America is the most comprehensive, best illustrated, and easiest-to-use book of its kind. Presenting all the native and naturalized trees of the eastern United States and Canada as far west as the Great Plains--including those species found only in tropical and subtropical Florida and northernmost Canada--the book features superior descriptions; thousands of meticulous color paintings by David More that illustrate important visual details; range maps that provide a thumbnail view of distribution for each native species; "Quick ID" summaries; a user-friendly layout; scientific and common names; the latest taxonomy; information on the most recently naturalized species; keys to leaves and twigs; and an introduction to tree identification, forest ecology, and plant classification and structure.


New Books in the Library - September 2017

Cover Art
Flora Japonica - Masumi Yamanaka; Martyn Rix; Hideaki Ohba
Call Number: QK369 .F56x 2016
ISBN: 9781842466124
Publication Date: 2017-02-15
Japanese indigenous plants have fascinated botanists and horticulturalists for the past two centuries, and their discoveries still have a strong influence on the plants of today. Botanists such as Kaempfer, Thunberg, von Siebold, and Maximowicz visited Japan between the 17th and 19th centuries, and communicated and corresponded with many Japanese botanists; identifying, naming and classifying many native plants and sending specimens around the world. Many beautiful Japanese plants (e.g. Hydrangea, Lily, Hosta, Camellia) were introduced into European countries, influencing horticulture and the breeding of new varieties. And as a result, this interest in Japanese flora led to a stimulation of activity amongst botanical painters in Japan in depicting the native flora. Flora Japonica is a beautiful celebration of modern Japanese botanical art, featuring 80 specially commissioned botanical paintings of Japanese wild plants, contributed by 30 of the country’s best contemporary artists. Each paintings is accompanied by text about the plant, including its natural history as well as botanical description and details of the specimen origin. Biographies of all 30 artists are included.

Cover Art
Heirloom Harvest - Amy Goldman; M. Mark (Foreword by); Jerry Spagnoli (Photographer)
Call Number: TR724 .G653 2015
ISBN: 9781620407776
Publication Date: 2015-10-27
"On two hundred acres in the Hudson Valley, Amy Goldman grows heirloom fruits and vegetables--an orchard full of apples, pears, and peaches; plots of squash, melons, cabbages, peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, and beets. The president of the New York Botanical Garden has called her "perhaps the world’s premier vegetable gardener." It’s her life’s work, and she’s not only focused on the pleasures of cultivating the land and feeding her family--she’s also interested in preserving our agricultural heritage, beautiful and unique heirlooms that truly are organic treasures. Over fifteen years, the acclaimed photographer Jerry Spagnoli has visited Amy’s gardens to preserve these cherished varieties in another way--with the historical daguerreotype process, producing ethereal images with a silvery, luminous depth and a timeless beauty, underscoring the historical continuity and value of knobby gourds, carrots pulled from the soil, and fruit picked fresh from the tree. In Heirloom Harvest, Amy’s essay, "Fruits of the Earth," describes her twenty-five year collaboration with the land."--Publisher’s description.

Cover Art
Landscape of Dreams - Isabel Bannerman; Julian Bannerman
Call Number: SB466.G7 B36 2016
ISBN: 9781910258606
Publication Date: 2016-11-01
296 pages : color illustrations ; 30 cm - Their approach to design, while rooted in history and the classical tradition, is fresh, eclectic and surprising. They designed the British 9/11 Memorial Garden in New York and have also designed gardens for the Prince of Wales at Highgrove and the Castle of Mey, Lord Rothschild at Waddesdon Manor, the Duke and Duchess of Norfolk at Arundel Castle in Sussex and John Paul Getty II at Wormsley in Buckinghamshire. The garden they made for themselves at Hanham Court near Bath was acclaimed by Gardens Illustrated as the top garden of 2009, ahead of Sissinghurst. When they moved from Hanham it was to the fairytale castle of Trematon overlooking Plymouth Sound, where they have created yet another magical garden.

Landscape of Dreams celebrates the imaginative and practical process of designing, making and planting all of these gardens, and many more.

Cover Art
Plant - Phaidon Editors
Call Number: N7680 .P53 2016
ISBN: 9780714871486
Publication Date: 2016-09-26
This fresh and visually stunning survey celebrates the extraordinary beauty and diversity of plants. It combines photographs and cutting-edge micrograph scans with watercolours, drawings, and prints to bring this universally popular and captivating subject vividly to life. Carefully selected by an international panel of experts and arranged in a uniquely structured sequence to highlight thought-provoking contrasts and similarities, this stunning compilation of botanically themed images includes iconic work by celebrated artists, photographers, scientists, and botanical illustrators, as well as rare and previously unpublished images.

Cover Art
The Bauers - Hans Walter Lack
Call Number: QK98.18 .L33 2015
ISBN: 9783791354897
Publication Date: 2015-11-25
496 pages : color illustrations ; 32 cm - Filled with stunning 18th- and 19th-century illustrations of plants and other living creatures, this book is the first to bring together the life and art of the three Bauer Brothers, who came to be some of the most celebrated botanical artists of all time. As artists, Joseph, Franz and Ferdinand Bauer were independently successful: Joseph as court painter to the Prince of Lichtenstein; Franz (later Francis) was employed at Kew Gardens as the “Botanick Painter to His Majesty”; and Ferdinand’s seminal collection of 1500 paintings created from sketches he made traveling in and around Australia is the first detailed account of the natural history of that continent. Drawn from all known worldwide sources of the Bauers’ extant illustrations, this illustrated history of the Bauers and their work unfolds chronologically, starting with the brothers’ formative years in Feldsberg, Austria, where they produced more than two thousand drawings of plant specimens under the guidance of the local abbot.

Cover Art
The Carbon Farming Solution - Eric Toensmeier; Hans Herren (Foreword by)
Call Number: S494.5.A65 T64 2016
ISBN: 9781603585712
Publication Date: 2016-02-22
The term ’carbon farming’ is used to describe a suite of crops and agricultural practices that sequester carbon in the soil. If widely implemented, these practices have the capacity to sequester hundreds of billions of tons of carbon from the atmosphere in the coming decades. Combined with a massive global reduction in fossil fuel emissions, it can bring us back from the brink of disaster and return our atmosphere to the ’magic number’ of 350 parts per million of carbon dioxide. These practices can also feed people, build more fertile soils, and contribute to ecosystem health.

Cover Art
The Hidden Half of Nature - David R. Montgomery; Anne Biklé
Call Number: QR111 .M63 2016
ISBN: 9780393244403
Publication Date: 2015-11-16
"Prepare to set aside what you think you know about yourself and microbes. Good health--for people and for plants--depends on Earth’s smallest creatures. [This book] tells the story of our tangled relationship with microbes and their potential to revolutionize agriculture and medicine, from garden to gut"--Dust jacket flap.

Cover Art
The Thoughtful Gardener - Jinny Blom
Call Number: SB473 .B544 2017
ISBN: 9781910254592
Publication Date: 2017-03-16
256 pages : color illustrations ; 29 cm - A prolific designer, Jinny Blom embraces a wide variety of styles, from formal walled gardens to contemporary installations. What defines her work is her skill with plants and her ability to create a garden that responds to the history of the site and the wider landscape. In this book, Jinny shares her insight into the creative process she has developed while designing more than 250 gardens around the world.

The gardens Jinny creates are as different as their owners and their locations. Small gardens are very intimate and have to work efficiently in order to be pleasing. An Oxfordshire garden of rooms is constructed from nothing, creating a new garden with an old soul. There are modern takes on traditional forms.

Cover Art
Thinking the Contemporary Landscape - Christophe Girot; Dora Imhof (Editor)
Call Number: SB472 .T45 2017
ISBN: 9781616895204
Publication Date: 2016-10-25
"Thinking the Contemporary Landscape compiles essays by an international roster of eminent landscape architects, art historians, philosophers, and social scientists tackling current issues in landscape discourse. Drawing from the arts, sciences, history, mythology, languages, and politics, this volume reflects on present and future challenges; presents diverse approaches to territory, environment, visualization, and design; and considers how the culturally constructed, architecturally formed notion of landscape can be reframed, composed, and rethought."--Page [4] of cover.

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