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Gardening When It Counts: Gardening in Times of Hardship and Need: Home

Historic and contemporary resources about gardening in times of hardship and need, including wartime gardens.


The world was at war.  Resources of all kinds were being diverted to support national war efforts.  Countries asked their citizens to help in every way that they could.

People dutifully funded the war by purchasing bonds, they conserved raw materials, they recycled, they rallied behind the troops, they helped their neighbors, they gave their lives, and they planted "Gardens for Victory".

Victory Gardens came in every shape and size.  Governments and corporations promoted this call for self-reliance.  People in all areas, rural and urban alike, worked the soil to raise food for their families, friends, and neighbors.  Victory gardening enabled more supplies to be shipped to our troops around the world.

from A History of the Victory Garden

Victory Gardens: Then and Now